Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

All of us want to look our best, and that basically includes looking young as well. We spend lots of money on buying anti-aging creams and what not, but we don’t realize that some small mistakes can make it all go to waste. Some women naturally have a youthful skin, but by putting the wrong makeup, they instead make it worse. This means that makeup can have a significant effect on how you look relative to your age. This article is going to guide you to put make-up the right way and not make those mistakes.

Mistake No. 1: Wearing a foundation of the wrong color

Choosing the wrong color for your foundation makes it look as if you are two different people because the color does not match your face and neck. If you go for a color that is too light, it will make your skin look lifeless. If you pick a color that is too dark, then you will not be highlighting your features. Either way, it will look as if make-up is just sitting on your face. To pick the right color, try the foundation by just tapping it on your skin to get the perfect match. If you are tan below your face, then you can take help of a bronzer to fix that.

Mistake No. 2: Choosing a very dark colored lipstick

As you get older, your lips lose their definition. You think that if you choose a dark color, then it will add fullness to your lips making them more defined. This, however, backfires by making your lips smaller and less plump. You should instead go for a light color and combine it with some gloss to give that youthful and fresh look. You surely can use dark colors but not when you want to avoid the age.

Mistake No. 3: Only lining the bottom of your eyes with a liner

Many women put the liner on the lower part of their eyes only saying that it is easier to apply. This is where they make a mistake because only doing this adds years to your age and makes you look older. Doing so drags your features down. What you should be doing is applying line on both the bottom and the upper part to define your eyes and make them bright and bigger. The liner should be thin at the top to give it a natural look.

Mistake No. 4: Wrong shade of blush

Too dark colors in brown will make your face look muddy while choosing a color too light will make it look cakey. What you need to do is choose a color that matches your color actually when you blush. Apply that on the apples of your cheekbones to define them.

Mistake No. 5: Not defining your Eyebrows

As we age, our brows get light because the hair reduces. You should always pick a brow pencil and fill it in your brows to give your look a fresh look.

Anti Aging Secrets Of Kate Middleton That You Can Use

Kate Middleton is always known for her style, her looks, her beauty, her bouncy hair, her wrinkle free skin, and her perfect skin complexion. The Duchess of Cambridge is a style icon in herself. Many people all around the world adore her beauty. Many women also want to know about the Kate Middleton anti aging wrinkle cream so that they can also use the cream to enhance their beauty. There are rumors related of the Duchess that she has under gone a plastic surgery to enhance her beauty while she is pregnant. She instantly replied to this rumor by saying that she has not under gone any kind of surgery for achieving good looks and fairer complexion. She said she uses beauty products to enhance her looks, but undergoing a plastic surgery while being pregnant is a horrible thing to do for her. She also revealed her beauty secrets that she is fond of.

She has been using oxygen products from a very long time. She loves its skin care line which includes a face cleanser, face cream, and a face moisturizer. Each product works in a different way.

Oxygen face cleanser: She uses face cleaner to clean her face. The face cleanser cleans the face by removing all the oil and dirt that is present on the face and also works on the pores that are present in the skin. The pores get clogged by the oil and dirt and causes black heads to appear on your face. This cleanser also cleans your face pores and opens them so that your skin may breathe properly and can absorb the face cream or serum to start the healing work. Many professionals also recommend cleaning your face before applying any kind of make up or skin care product on it.

Oxygen Moisturizer: Kate Middleton also uses oxygen moisturizing cream, which provides moisture to her skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Moisture is very essential for your skin to keep it smooth and elastic. This cream also works on your damaged skin cells and tissues and also reduces the wrinkles and fine lines from coming onto your face. This moisturizer plumps up your face and works on any other damage that is done to your face.

Oxygen face cream: Oxygen face cream is the key for a good looking face. This face cream enhances your looks and makes your skin look fairer. Oxygen face cream contains 2% of oxygen which eliminates all the toxins present in your skin. It also controls the oil production, and kills the bacteria present in your skin pores to provide fresh and blowing skin complexions to your face. It is a medium use moisturizer that provides ingredients to your skin making it more radiant. It also boosts the production of new cells so that new cells can easily replace the old cells making your face more glowing and attracting. It leaves the skin plumped and hydrated making it soft and glowing. Overall, it provides strength to your skin.